Friday, March 27, 2009

Art Fatigue Syndrome

We've talked about art scenes too much. We're starting to cloyed with them. Today, we lost Ton again. He gotta go back to wrap up his artworks in a thesis exhibition in Chiang Mai. And Fon, our great participant, did not come to help us.

No painters, no paintings.

Why most of Thai modern art masterpieces are paintings? However, Thongyhod finished his new sculpture mock-up, Baitong started some design master pieces, Kom tried to finish some unfinished works and Nong-Ar started to paint courageously.

Let's update the list of works;
David Bomberg, The Mud Bath, 1914
Prasong Patamanuj, Chedi Wat Pho (เจดีย์วัดโพธิ์), 1958
Chumraung Vichienket, Group (กลุ่ม), 1965
Philippe Patrick Starck, Juicy Salif, 1990

2 days ago, the German artist from Japan, Sebastian Loewe, became our spectator. He suggested us to visit an art bar on Sukhumvit Road. Tonight, we're gonna check it out. Hopefully, we're not gonna throw up as any art topics in the taxi on our way back to the gallery.

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