Thursday, March 26, 2009

Bangkok Art Trip #2: Gallery Always Close on Monday

Weekly art trip, narrated by Thongyhod - Taviphut Praengoen
It's about 3 days ago. This week, there were only two of us that took a tour to art exhibition and gallery, Ton (a guy in picture) and me. And let's see what we did.

As in general sense of art, people know that gallery always close on Monday. So, we didn't have many choices, but some interesting places and art exhibitions are still open. First we went to the Silom Galleria, the art stuff shopping center. We saw a lot of shops (especially gems and ornaments shop) and showcases, and we visited some of the galleries in there.

Nothing special, nothing surprise,
just a place for home-furnished lover. It's ordinary.

Maybe art label has printed and came from the sky,
that's why it's so expensive and holy.

Next destination, we go to GOETHE Institute for photo exhibition "City Scene". I did not have any feelings with the scene they try promoting. It's just a general photo exhibition, considering both content and presentation. Those things made me reconsidered (in my mind) with 2 topics.

1. Cultural reproduction in Thailand today. What are we trying to do? And what are they trying to search and why are they trying to understand Thai?

2. Art in the meaning of technology of power. What is the agenda beneath? What have concealed under representation of art scene? (in general case)

3. 4. 5. 6... >>>


It was a hot day.
We decided to have a break by drinking Coca-cola here.


Then we got on MRT and walk through Chulalongkorn Art Center for "Brandnew 2008", which was curated for Thai young artists, and also exhibit at Bangkok University gallery, but we will go there next time because it closed on Monday like most of gallery. That's alright..

First floor we got a "very warm" welcome from library staff at the gate, ha ha ha. The exhibition runs on seventh floor so we had to use the elevator.

Then what?

Like in the pictures, here we saw three projects from three artists of Brandnew 2008.

Photos, Drawings and Video Arts.......................???

So that's all i remember. Nothing left for Monday.

P.S. A gal at registration desk of art thesis exhibition at Jamjuree Gallery is so cute and beautiful. It was a shot of that hot day. Sorry, I cannot post docu-photo here, this blog reserved for ART ART ART content only. Seriously.

see u.

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