Wednesday, March 25, 2009

N.E.P. Crews

It might be impolite to talk about 5 of us in every blog without introducing ourselves of the Not Even Pineapples exhibition to you.

Pratompong Namjaidee or Ton
He graduated from Chiang Mai University, Faculty of Fine Arts, majored in Painting. While studying painting, he expressed the idea about identity representation at that moment. The way of overlapping between space and time affects the identity expression. Besides, finding out reasons and factors also interfere the identity expression which is relate to "Mindset Reserch", in order to understand and reconsider in identity showing. This issue is presented through various kinds of art work such as paintings, mixed medium and videos.

Atikom Mukdaprakorn or Kom
The oblivist who use many memory recording tools without proficiency to create some art form that he always forget what he thinks in the beginning by the time he finished. Many many doubts in his head about uncertain identities and relations of people in the information era bring his artworks to the role of interactive and participative art. Sometimes, he forgets where the boundary of art is. So, forgive him when you notice that his art is not ART!, please.

Thanaphong Phromdee or Num

Nara Sirayanon or Baitong
Man who was born to be a "Duck"...or we can say that he can do everything but there's nothing he's good at. However, there's something that makes him become a "Super Duck" which is when he loves someone, he can do everything for her. If you wish to get something good from him, just be his beloved. N' it's not hard tho..cuz Baitong loves everyone!

Patipat Boonmungmee or Nong Ar
Our newcomer, the Chiang Mai-born musician and sound artist who had never came to Bangkok by himself. This is the first time he lives in Bangkok more than 2 days and he's having a great time living in the gallery. So, we have to take him visiting many places around Bangkok to make the trip worth his life.

Taviphut Praengoen or Thongyhod
..."66 8 6658 4200" FYI.

We are art students in many classes of Thasnai Sethaseree, the artist who projected Not Even Pineapples, from the Faculty of Fine Arts & the Media Arts and Design, Chiang Mai University. Though we're art students but we're not really sure we'll be an artist in future. After this project, we might get some answers about our artistic lives.

Thasnai Sethaseree

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