Saturday, March 28, 2009

Syndromes and Fluorescences

Bar 23 in the middle of Soi Sukhumvit 23 (Soi Prasarnmit). It's a mini art venue + bar, which belongs to Freeform Magazine team who've tried to be a mouthpiece for Thai art scene for the past few years (with a dozen of issues). Luckily, tonight, the place was crowded with Japanese! We lost in translation and there were no space for us to keep in touch with this art scene. We're real otherness for them. Nobody cared about us even when we tried to get close to the bar or go to see the deserted upstairs with a small art magazine bookcase. So, we get out of there quickly.

Bar 23 Then we walked to Soi Cowboy nearby. It's a very wonderful eye-popping place and good space to take us away from art for a while.

Soi CowboyPerhaps, this century, we might need more pink scenes to stay away from some boredom.


  1. sorry guys..... try again. i didn't mean to bother you. hope you had fun anyways.... sebastian

  2. ha ha, sebastian, you didn't bother us but we bother ourselves with too many art contents to consume.
    we're getting better after weekend of relaxation, movie, shopping and dating. tonight, we're gonna go for an art event at about cafe.

    we can't live without art but art shouldn't be in every breath of our livings.