Friday, April 3, 2009

The Last Mock-up

The last few nights, we got a warm intervention from the superior Lamphun artist, Mit Jai-in. Many helps reached to our studio every night with brilliant conversations and activities. Last night, he left us the last masterpiece mock-up for the Not Even Pineapples project, Carl Andre's Magnesium-Zinc Plain (1969) in colorful version.

Mit Jai-inAnd this is complete list of masterpieces you'll see in our IMAGINED MUSEUM [HARD COPY] at BACC, tomorrow.

Leonardo da Vinci, Mona Lisa (La Gioconda), 1503–1506
Claude Monet, Impression, Sun Rise (soleil levant), 1872
Vincent van Gogh, The Starry Night (De sterrennacht), 1889
Edvard Munch, The Scream, 1893-1910
Pablo Picasso, Man with a Hat, 1912
Marcel Duchamp, Bicycle Wheel, 1913
David Bomberg, The Mud Bath, 1914
Marcel Duchamp, Fountain, 1917
Piet Mondrian, Composition with Red, Yellow, Blue and Black, 1921
Max Ernst, The Elephant Celebes, 1921
René Magritte, The Treachery of Images, 1928–29
Victor Vasarely, Outdoor artwork at the church of Pálos in Pécs, unknown
Salvador Dalí, The Persistence of Memory, 1931
Pin Malakul, The Democracy Monument (อนุสาวรีย์ประชาธิปไตย), 1939
Poom Malakul, Victory Monument (อนุสาวรีย์ชัยสมรภูมิ), 1941
Khien Yimsiri, Land of the Smile (ดินแดนแห่งความยิ้มแย้ม), 1950
Jackson Pollock, Autumn Rhythm No. 30, 1950
Robert Rauschenberg, Monogram, 1955
Prasong Patamanuj, Chedi Wat Pho (เจดีย์วัดโพธิ์), 1958
David Smith, CUBI VI, 1963
Joseph Kosuth, One and Three Chairs, 1965
Chumraung Vichienket, Group (กลุ่ม), 1965
Andy Warhol, The Velvet Underground and Nico Album cover, 1967
Pablo Picasso, Untitled sculpture (The Chicago Picasso), 1967
Andy Warhol, Campbell's Soup I, 1968
Carl Andre, Magnesium-Zinc Plain, 1969
Chamruang Vichienket, Family (ครอบครัว), 1971
Chang Saetang, 14 October 1973 (14 ตุลา 2516), 1973
Cheewa Komolmalai, Struggle Face (ใบหน้าสู้ชีวิต), 1974
Robert Indiana, LOVE sculpture, 1976
Barbara Kruger, Untitled (I shop therefore I am), 1987
Philippe Patrick Starck, Juicy Salif, 1990
Jeff Koons, Puppy, 1992
Louise Bourgeois, Spider, 1996
Roy Lichtenstein, House I, 1996/1998
Banksy, Pulp Fiction Bananas, unknown
Yoshitomo Nara, Your Dog, 2001
Yoshitomo Nara, Yellow in Blue, 2005

If all these works are the real pieces, they'll cost many TRILLIONS BAHT! Isn't it a nice chance for art admirers in Thailand to see many masterpieces from around the world? Not only an incredible exhibition, but you'll also meet a very interesting discussion in the topic of "Cultural Nationalism" by many fascinating Thai intellectuals. See you there ;)

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