Wednesday, April 1, 2009

As Yet Untold

Thasnai came back to the studio last night with a news about closing party of As Yet Unnamed project at About Cafe'. I was a little bit curious with this news because I thought that About Cafe has closed for years. I often walked around that place, looked inside to see its emptiness. This art space was founded by Misiem Yipinsoi, one of the important Thai contemporary artists, standing opposite to the former Thai Wattana Panich Publishing, one of the important Thai education book publishers, located in the area full of hookers.

We went there to see many strangers who are familiar with Thasnai. Their party is fun with talking, eating & karaoke-ing. I'm just a guy standing on the edge of artistic circumstances. I knew no one. So, I stood outside of the gallery and watched through its windows to watch a slideshow of the project documentation. They occupied this dead art space with their exhibitions. Some exhibitions are interesting, some are not. However, why didn't we receive any information about this one year project before? And why the spectators of each exhibitions look same same?

Process of the As Yet Unnamed project looked alike 24 Hrs. Art Gallery we saw in the Brandnew 2008 exhibition at BUG. Perhaps, many Thai artists are facing with the problems of art space.

Furthermore, there were an exhibition of photographic slideshow on the second floor. It's very poetic but... I might be too sleepy to see it until the end. Our exhaustion dragged us home... gallery... studio... or something you wanna named it. Thasnai followed us few hours later. Before he went to bed, he tried to make a souvenir for this Saturday discussants with bananas and resin.

It failed, eventually... Good night.

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