Monday, March 30, 2009

Bangkok Art Trip #4: Million Baht Babies

The last weekend art trip, narrated by Thongyhod (again).
This is the forth journey for Thai art scenes for each weekend with Not Even Pineapple crews. Let's see where we've been to.

The first round; we went to Conference of Birds Gallery. We stunned and enjoyed with 2 projects. "WAFAA BILAL'S VIRTUAL JIHADI", Shoot An Iraqi: computer game / photographs / drawings / video about painful and suffering from Iraq war by USA that artist experienced.

And "The Last Supper" by Bigert & Bergstrom, focusing on this discrepancy between historical "meaning" and contemporary use of a tradition that has lost its connection with the past. The film mixes documentary material with live sculptures and animated graphics. That was a cool starting of the day.

The second round; we went to Kathmundu Photo Gallery. We faced the "Silent Mode", lots Japanese people were in silent and emptiness mode on the train, which is portraits shot one by one. Feelless till super suffer.

They left something and went to something, but there's "nothing" in between. I wonder how about Thai scene, isn't it the same?

The third round; at 100 Tonson Gallery, "What a place tell us", 2 Japanese artists, photography and site-specific exhibition.

The fourth round; "Distinguished Encounters" at Sombat Permpoon Gallery. Various Thai contemporary artists' exhibition. They have paintings, videos and sculptures.

Here we met 2 crazy dogs in gallery! That was amazing. A brown one has special ability he can "Wai" so fast and so many times with a good body balance, which is different from ordinary dogs' "Wai". The other dog has some problems with his nerve system. When he walks, he looks like a drunken dog.

The final round; we went to TCDC (Thailand Creative & Design Center), which is Thaksin's heritage, trying to organize and start to focus (or just do something) on design things and make money from Thainess as a meeting point and knowledge center, blah blah blah...

They have exibition areas and a library. It's quite difficult to appoach for people who have no money like me.

Red corner win! (not political meaning).

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