Monday, March 16, 2009

Bangkok Art Trip #1

Thai Pineapples IndustryVer Gallery is closed on Sunday and Monday. So, we spend every Sunday for a little trip to check art scene around Bangkok. In This week, our targets are the permanent exhibition at The National Gallery, photography exhibition at People Space Gallery, "Silpakorn University Art Thesis" at Queen's Gallery, Xawery Wolski's "Into an Empty Sky" at Jim Thompson House Gallery, "The Campaign for Art" at Bangkok Art & Culture Center (where we accidentally met "Anonymous" art thesis of the department of visual art of Chulalongkorn University), H.H. Capor's "Aging" at White Space and "Yum-Sam-Sa-Hai" at Art Gorillas Art Gallery.

Thai Art Scene  March 15, 2009We met a messy hair artist with his smoke-painted works about sex and nature, a mini art market without shopper, a mini gallery which was closed without any notifications, a painting by one of the royal family contain her favourite things, an exhibition by graduates in art university which had only one new media art for thesis, a foreigner's art exhibition in a contemporary thai house, a painful history of the art center of the city, a free style art thesis exhibition in many glass window rooms and path walls, a one room gallery with mini souvenir shop and 3 artists exhibited in the same room unrelatedly.

These aren't the whole of thai art scene but just some pieces of them, we can see thai future artists' thought in their work. We'll go check out for wider scene of bangkok art next week.

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